Mary Magdalene exists or not ?
Mystery of Pool of Bethesda ,153 Fish, Holy Bible Exposes
Pool of Bethesda - A Mystery
Mary Magdalene - A mystery
Mystery of 153 Fish
Who is God ? It is Myth
   or Mystery

Mystery and Myth of Holy Cross
Mystery of “Pantheon of Rome”    and its “Adoration”
A Mystery- Rigveda in ancient

Mysterious puzzles of New / Old

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  Mysterious puzzles of Bible

New Testaments
  |  Old Testament

1.     Why was Jesus to be born of Virgin Mary?

2.     Why does every Joseph in the Bible indulge in dreams?

3.     Why was John born six months earlier to Jesus?

4.     Why does John not drink grape wine and liquor?

5.     Why has Zachariah, the father of John remained dumb till his son’s birth?

6.     Why does John stand witness, “It is he who is coming after me”?

7.     John does not deserve to unlace Jesus’ shoes, why?

8.     Why do so many kings with the same name “Herod” occur during Jesus’ life?

9.     Who were the three astrologers appearing at the birth of Jesus?

10.   Why does John wear clothes made of camel hair and girdle?

11.   Did John use to eat locusts and forest honey?

12.   Why has Jesus to say repeatedly “Verily, verily, I say to you”?

13.   Why was Jesus born at “Nazareth” and was called “Nazarene”?

14.   Do you know meaning of the place called “Golgotha”?

15.   Why did Jesus always remain around bank of a lake or a river?

16.   Why do the disciples of Jesus leave net instantly and follow him”?

17.   Why is Jesus indifferent about meeting his mother and brothers?

18.   How is Jesus able to feed five thousand people with just five pieces of bread?

19.   How does Jesus satisfy four thousand men with just seven pieces of bread?

20.   Why does Jesus give only divine symbol of “Jonas”?

21.   Why does Jesus predict his death again and again?

22.   Why does Jesus show his changed form after taking John and Peter along with him?

23.   Why did Jesus come to nurse others and not to be nursed himself?

24.   Why are all women around Jesus of same name “Mary”?

25.   Why are so many people named “Simon” associated with Jesus?

26.   Do you know the meaning of “Galilee”?

27.   Why does no one else, but “Judas” get Jesus caught?

28.   Who is the thirty eight year old bed ridden patient?

29.   When everybody knew Jesus, why does Judas get him identified?

30.   Why does “Simon Peter”, refuse to recognize Jesus?

31.   Why does Judas commit suicide so soon?

32.   Who was Mary Magdalene?

33.   What were the reasons behind putting a crown of thorns on Jesus?

34.   Red and Purple colored clothes are first put on Jesus and then taken off, why?

35.   Why was there darkness all around when Jesus breathes his last?

36.   Why does the shrine’s curtain get torn in the middle at death of Jesus?

37.   Why did Jesus have to come again alive three days after his death?

38.   Why does “Joseph” (not his father) come to carry away the dead body of Jesus?

39.   How old was Jesus when he was crucified?

40.   Jesus calls himself sometimes “Son of God” and sometimes “Son of Man”, why?

41.   Was Jesus’ birth really predicted by sooth sayers?

42.   Was Jesus actually crucified on the same cross as is shown in the picture (†)?

43.   Why is the place of Jesus’ burial different in various Gospels?

44.   Do you know the meaning of “Nag Hammadi”?

45.   Why was Jesus visible only to “Mary Magdalene” after his rebirth?

46.   Why did the eleven disciples have to go to Galilee in order to have a view of Jesus after his revival?

47.   Why did Jesus ride on ass’s colt every time he used to go to Jerusalem?

48.   Why will Baptism be given with water by John and with fire by Jesus?

49.   Why does Jesus say, “The bridegroom will be separated from them, they will fast during those days”?

50.   Why does Jesus want his disciples to drink his blood from a grail?

51.   Why does Jesus feel frightened and shed big drops of perspiration while praying?

52.   Why was scent poured on Jesus’ head by Mary?

53.   What is to be meant by the statement, “I am the bread of life”?

54.   “And the bread I shall give to world is my flesh”, is the food being eaten by world, the flesh of Jesus?

55.   “The one, who eats my flesh and drinks my blood, remains stable in me and me in him”, what statement is it?

56.   “The one who eats me, will remain alive owing to me, otherwise?”

57.   Why does Jesus wash the feet of his disciples?

58.   Why did Jesus show the holes made in his hands by the nails only when Thomas arrived?

59.   What is the correct meaning of “Gabbatha”?

60.   What is truly birthday of Jesus, 6th January or 25th December?

61.   Is Jesus really a historical character?

62.   What is the secret of one hundred and fifty three fishes?

63.   Was Jesus really born in Bethlehem?

64.   Can a woman conceive without a man?

65.   Was Jesus taken to Egypt?

66.   In Bible Bethlehem, Bethesda, Bethsaida (5:2 Johanna) is repeated again and again. What is the “Beth” or “Bath” after all?

67.   Why that field of the potter is called the “field of blood” even till today?

68.   Why are so many characters named Mary, Joseph, Simon (John), Jacob repeated in Bible?

69.   Why are only twelve buckets of food left after feeding all the people? What is the meaning of “Twelve buckets full of bread”?

70.   Did Jesus use to kiss the whole body of Mary Magdalene as stated in “Gospel of Philip” found in Nag Hammadi of Egypt?

71.   Do you know the meaning of the story of Jesus’ revival?

72.   Who was “Paul” the propagator of Christianity?

73.   What is the mystery behind Jesus reviving the dead body of “Lazarus”?

74.   Are the old and new testaments of Bible, only imaginary tales?

75.   Are Jewish, Christianity and Islam religions the re-composition of the Indian Vedas?

76.   Was Jesus the incarnation of King Solomon?

77.   Do you know the meaning of “Messiah” (Christ)?

78.   Every king “Harrods” was the ruler of the one fourth states. What is this one fourth state?

79.   Why does the sinful woman Mary pour scent on the feet of Jesus?

80.   Was Jesus born millions of years ago as is said that he existed before Abraham?

81.   Is Jesus alive even today?

82.   Why did Herod put shining clothes on Jesus’ body?

83.   After crucifying Jesus why did the soldiers distribute his clothes among themselves?

84.   Why was Jesus given vinegar after putting him on the cross?


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