Mary Magdalene exists or not ?
Mystery of Pool of Bethesda ,153 Fish, Holy Bible Exposes
Pool of Bethesda - A Mystery
Mary Magdalene - A mystery
Mystery of 153 Fish
Who is God ? It is Myth
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Mystery and Myth of Holy Cross
Mystery of “Pantheon of Rome”    and its “Adoration”
A Mystery- Rigveda in ancient

Mysterious puzzles of New / Old

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Mysterious puzzles of Bible

New Testaments
  |  Old Testament

1.     Do you know the meaning of “Jehovah” (God) of Jewish religion?

2.     Was Adam really the first man on Earth?

3.     Has the Garden of Eden described in Bible been discovered?

4.     Was Eve the really first woman on Earth?

5.     Why was a serpent kept with Adam and Eve in Eden Garden?

6.     Who was the serpent of Eden Garden? Is that alive even today?

7.     Do you know “Cain” and “Abel”?

8.     Cain killed his real brother in presence of God (Jehovah) and god blessed Cain. Was it a religious deed?

9.     Why did Cain become an absconder on earth?

10.   Would you like to know the country of Cain named “Nod” has been discovered?

11.   Do you want to know the descendants of Cain (Enoch, Erad, Mahaleleel, Methuselah, Lamech, Wife of Lamech - Adah and Zillah, Jabal, Jubal, Tubal-Cain, Naamah)?

12.   Would you like to read the history of Adam’s third son “Seth” and his son “Enos”?

13.   Does the form of a human being resemble Jehovah (God)?

14.   Does any scholar know the meaning of “Canaan” to-day?

15.   What do you know about descendants of Adam and Seth (Enoch, Noah, Mahalaleel, Lamech, Methuselah, Jared)?

16.   Who was Noah, the central character of Deluge legend?

17.   Which is the true birth date of Shem, Ham, Japheth the sons of Noah? (8:15 then the God said to Noah, 16 come out of water with your sons, wife and daughter-in-law, 10:1 - Shem, Ham, Japheth were the sons of Noah) They were born after the deluge. Which story should be trusted?

18.   The event of Deluge (horrible flood) has never happened. Then why is this story found in all civilizations of world?

19.   Did really Noah and his sons Shem, Hams, Japheth exist ever or......?

20.   Do you want to know the history of Nimrod, descendant of Ham’s son Cush? (Origin 10:8 Nimrod, one of Cush descendants, was the first warrior on Earth)?

21.   Why does Noah curse “Canaan” to become a slave without any reason?

22.   Speaking different languages by human-beings, the story “Tower of Babylon”, is to amuse the children?

23.   Is family tree of Sham produced in Bible, true?

24.   Are Abram and Sara historical characters?

25.   Why was the practice of circumcision started? What is the real meaning of circumcision?

26.   Why did Abram go to Egypt?

27.   Was Pharaoh of Egypt imperiled due to Abram’s wife?

28.   Why does Abram take Lot along with him everywhere?

29.   Why does Lot select the irrigated land along river Jordan?

30.   Why is Lot caught and imprisoned?

31.   What is meaning of three hundred eighteen slaves of Abram?

32.   Why does Jehovah (God) spend most of his time in anger and punishing?

33.   Would any father (Lot) like to procreate progeny by sleeping with his daughters? Is this a religious ritual of Jews?

34.   Can a hundred year old couple (Isaac) produce progeny?

35.   Who was red colored “Esau” with hair?

36.   Why was “Joseph” always interpreting the dreams?

37.   Was Moses an historical figure?

38.   Why was the grave of Moses not found in Israel?

39.   Why did Aaron always remain with Moses?

40.   Who were Amalek?

41.   Why was Moses’ wife name Sippora?

42.   Why has Jehovah (God) taken a vow to fight against Amalek for generations?

43.   What is the mystery behind Israelis crossing the Red Sea and army of Pharaoh getting drowned?

44.   Who was “Samuel”?

45.   Do you know “Elly”?

46.   After making “Saul” as king, why does Jehovah snatch his kingdom?

47.   Who was David?

48.   Why did Solomon prove himself to be the last king of Israel?

49.   Do you know Sheba?

50.   From where had Sheba come and where did she go?

51.   What is meant by “The kings of Israel”? Had Soul, David and Solomon ever been the kings of Israel?

52.   Had the queen of Sheba come from the country called Syria or from Southern Arab or Northern Africa? Now the scholars consider Ethiopia or Yemen to be her original place? Is it true?

53.   Why are the characters described in “Torah” called “Nabi”?

54.   Had a temple in reality been built by Solomon?

55.   Why was Solomon born to only Bathsheba?

56.   Could David alone not construct the temple of Jehovah?

57.   No other king except Solomon could construct the temple of Jehovah, why?

58.   Who was Hiram Abi? Why is he mentioned as a widow’s son?

59.   Why did no sounds occur at construction time of the first temple?

60.   Saul rules over Israel only for two years, why?


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