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A Mystery - The Vedas (Rig and Atharva) in ancient Europe

The authenticity of the Vedas already present in the western countries from thousands of years. Unfortunately they have forgotten the Vedas. The Europeans don’t know, even the meaning of the word ‘Reg’ or ‘Rig’, nor do they know why they are using this word? The word ‘Rig’ is being used for the same meaning in India as well as in Europe, that is ‘System of Government’.

The Vedas contain the descriptions of nature, human conduct and behavior, the system of social life and mainly the management of a government. They especially contain directions to ruling class based on activities of five supreme elements.  The western scholars have always been declaring karakum desert of Turkmenistan in Central Asia as an original place of Aryans, It means that the original place of ‘Rig-Veda’ is that barren place in the Central Asia.

Is the Rig-Veda not the legacy of India? Why did all those Aryan Scholars, who had authority on the Vedas, come to India?

Were the Vedas created in Central Asia? Had only Indian Aryans brought the complete knowledge of the Vedas? Did the European Aryans go with a single word ‘Rig’, of which they do not even know an etymological explanation?

Does this fact not indicate to India as an original place of the Aryans? Was the Rig-Veda written in a desert of Central Asia? Then why did the groups of European Aryans forget the Rig-Veda’s knowledge? And if the knowledge of the Rig-Veda had gone from India, why is Central Asia declared as an original place of Aryans? The most surprising fact is that not even a single former or modern historian could produce solid evidence to prove the concept of “Central Asia is an original place of Aryans”. The Europeans are insulting themselves and their ancestors by spreading such canards regarding the original place of their ancestors. Look at some ancient proofs regarding the Rig-Veda and the Atharva-Veda of India in western countries:-

                In ancient time in Europe the pronunciation for G, Ge, Gi, Ga was only ‘G’ as in ‘get and give’ it was never as ‘J’. The words which begin with ‘Reg’ or ‘Rig’.

Rego [REG], conduct guide, Rig, Veda : Regalis, regal, royal : Regaliter, royally : Regens, ruler, governor : Regia, royal palace, court : Regie, royally : Regifice, royally : Regificus, royal : Regimen, means of guidance, director : Regina, Queen : Regio [REG], rigor, a direction : Regionatim, district : Regius, king : Regnator, Ruler : Regnatrix, imperial : Regno, to have royal power : Regnum, kingly government : Regredior, Regressus, return to right : Regula, Regulus, ruler

Rego (Rigya) (REG), to keep straight, righteous, rightful, rightly, rigid, rigidity, rigor (full control), rigorous (fixed, purified, determined), rigsdag (royal court of Danish), guide, direct, control

The following English words are pithy as narrated in the Rig-Veda.

regain – recover, reach again : regal – royal, kingly : regalia – royal rights, royal symbol : regale – to decorate, capable, occasions, cheerfulness, rest, to please : regard – to respect, to show, reverence : regardful – within limits, not neglectful : retardants – accordingly, observant : regency – royal ambassador (representative) : regent – emperor (temporary) : regicide – king killing : regime – administration : regimen – administration, an orderly government : regiment – royal army (state) : region – trace of a country, a separate specific part : registrar – official list : regnal – related to reign : regnant – head commander : regorge – to raise again : regress – change, going back : regret – repent, to grieve at : regular – according to rule, systematic : regulation – prescribed rule : regulate – to manage, to adjust : regulus – meteor : regurgitate – cast up again : Rite, rite, religious work, abandoned to religion : right (Rigt), true, fact, fair, Right, eligible.

Attribuo, attribute (religion, title, adjective, quality), attribution (the conferring of authority), attributive (the symbol of virtues, the specialized) = Atherv, Veda.

While Romans (Aryans) were leaving India there had been formed only the Vedas ‘Rig’ and ‘Atharva’. The above mentioned words of European languages, are an authentication of the Indian Vedas.

(Abc - Latin, abc - English, abc - ‘Sanskrit’)



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