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Mystery & Myth of HOLY CROSS


Jesus was put on the cross. What is the cross? From where did it come? The sign of cross is shown like (†). Were the criminals really crucified? Were nails pierced in their hands and feet? Often a lie repeatedly is spoken over power the truth. The true event vanishes for ever. The cross of Christianity covered a true historical event and the whole Roman civilization became barbaric and inhuman. Just in order to prove the cross of Jesus. The history of Italy was changed that the Roman kings always used to put criminals on the cross. The spreaders of Christianity, The Romans were turned into cruel. Now even the prominent leaders of Christianity admit that those were only the Romans who crucified Jesus. Actually, the symbolically proofs of the initial Bible were erased by the spreaders of that religion themselves.

The Romans were sun (fire) worshipper and they were used as a synonym of fire in a story of the Bible. In the initial period there is a distorted Aramaic word of Sanskrit for the cross. That was ‘xylon’ (the sawed wood, which is burnt to cook food). The word ‘xylon’ was forgotten and in middle age the word ‘Rood’ (Rod - Stick) prevalent for the Cross. Instead of that, according to a shape of human beings an imaginary sign of cross (†) began to be used. Just think what is a need to decorate the cross on four sides to kill someone? What is a use of an upper part or rear portion of the head? Who would like to waste time and wood in making that? The English alphabet (T) was sufficient instead of (†) when it was necessary to pierce nails in the hands and feet of a criminal the shape of (T) was also not necessary.  A straight pillar was sufficient. In many contexts the

historians of Europe have mentioned that the Romans used to put thousands of people on cross. In one of the wars six thousand prisoners were put on the cross. Who the fool will manufacture so many cross in the forest and carry them? But no, if a lie is written, it is accepted as true for ever. It goes on for centuries the meaning of a word is reversed. There is an English word ‘Secular’. In Sanskrit its means ‘s + cul’, ‘one dynasty’ or the ‘one religion’. Now its meaning has gone topsy-turvy and it means ‘many dynasties’, ‘many religions’. Similarly, one lie changes the history and a meaning of true events. The writers have not written ‘cross’ any where in their Gospels. They were writing every event in their stories with clear hint. How can the writers be blamed for an ignorance of followers? This cross has nothing to do with the truth. The present sign of cross is just an imagination of Bible painters. What relation is between cross and scrape wood.



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